Responsible gambling is a defined set of rules of conduct within a company that promotes a sensible approach to betting and the casino. These terms and conditions include a description of the problems themselves, ways of dealing with them and advice on how to avoid the emergence and development of gambling addiction. The main purpose of introducing this kind of concept and policy into operation is to combat gambling addiction.

How does gambling addiction manifest itself?

Responsible gambling and all its rules are designed to keep players safe from developing a gambling addiction. You could say it is a disease. What does it manifest itself in? The answer is here:

  • You start spending too much time online;
  • You stop keeping track of your money, with a tendency to borrow to put it into play;
  • You stop controlling your emotions;
  • You strive to check your balance online as often as possible;
  • Your personal real life recedes into the background and so on.

All the symptoms described above may indicate that you are developing a gambling addiction. Of course, it is easier to fight the problem in the initial stages of its emergence. It is therefore recommended that you try to keep yourself in check and in control literally as soon as you become a user of the company.

Ways to combat gambling addiction

The company is mindful of the possibility of this kind of problem among users. That is why it offers help in dealing with addiction as well as preventing it from developing. Options for dealing with problems include:

  • Referral to specialists. The company collaborates with a number of online services that provide psychological help. You should carefully examine the company’s partners and seek their help;
  • Personal monitoring. If you feel that you are developing an addiction to the company’s gambling, you can make restrictions yourself. These include time limits, financial limits. The most effective measure is to cut off access to the site itself and its functionality. This can be either temporary or permanent.

How does the user set personal limits correctly?

If you have identified a problem with a developing gambling addiction, but you do not want to seek professional help, you can set your own personal limits. How can this be done? See the instructions here:

  • Open the section responsible for support services;
  • Choose a method of contact that is comfortable for you;
  • Describe your problem to the support staff, they will tell you which option to choose;
  • Follow the instructions.

After that, your account will be placed in a special database in which you can track which measure has been applied, for how long. If you think you have already overcome your addiction, you can contact the support team again and have the restrictive measure lifted.

Tips for preventing gambling addiction in advance

Given the heightened risks of user addiction, the company has developed a number of tips and tricks that will combat addiction and also prevent its onset. The tips are as follows:

  • Control the time you spend on online gambling;
  • Keep a tally of the money you spend and the money you earn;
  • Try to gamble only with money that will not affect your budget too much;
  • Don’t borrow money to take part in online gambling;
  • Do not allow your family members, especially minors, to use your account;
  • Try to play only during the daytime, so that outside factors favour online time control;
  • Only take part in bets and games that you are confident about;
  • Do not switch between companies and sites if you think you are not succeeding just because of the program itself;
  • Remember that gambling is a combination of skill and luck that is not up to you;
  • Try not to start wagering right away;
  • Control your emotions;
  • Do not start gambling or casinos while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants;
  • Do not gamble if your negative state from real life creates a negative ground in all your actions.

And remember, your safety is in your hands!