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Indio Casino Promotions: Win Money EVERY DAY!

There are some things that in the grand scheme of things make all the difference. In the world of online casinos that thing is promotions. Think about it, no matter what kind of a welcome bonus you get, no matter if it’s free spins or $5,000 multiple deposit bonuses, in the end these flagship offers expire. Some sooner than later. Did you know that the average limit of welcome bonus offers at online casinos is 14 days? That’s not a lot, is it?

What would happen if an online casino decided that they don’t need any other promotions or giveaways? Perhaps, the most loyal customers will stay for the brand, others may stay because of the exclusive games that they really liked. But the vast majority, and we do mean over 80% would stay only until there is another lucrative offer from another casino. That’s the way it works. And why would you stay if the next casino offers the same games, is equally safe and has a similar or even a better signup bonus offer?

That’s why promotions make all the difference. That is why casinos, as much brick and mortar as online, go out of their way to make their guests feel at home. Maybe online you are not entitled to free snacks and booze, but being able to play from your home at any time has many other advantages. Instead of offering you a free drink, online casinos may offer daily rewards, lotteries and giveaways that you can use to your advantage every day. As we said, you may come for the bonus, but you do stay for the promotions. That certainly applies to Indio Casino promotions. And we will show you exactly how you can win every day.

Weekend Bonuses

Every week Indio Casino invites to come and pick your next bonus. Isn’t that great? Whenever you want to make a deposit and get some free money alongside, you know there is a bonus waiting for you. Well, almost. Because this is the Weekend Bonus Indio Casino promotions. So, these bonuses are not available every day of the week but only from Thursday to Sunday. But that’s good enough, wouldn’t you agree?

Daily Gifts

Probably the very best Indio Casino promotion is their daily calendar. From Monday to Sunday, from the 1st to 31st, there is a new promotion waiting for you in your account every single day. What kind of promotions does Indio Casino offer?

Depending on the day you are reading this, you might want to download their software and check for yourself. Because while a general trend of promotions is clear, Indio Casino promotions change almost every month. There will probably be unlimited bonuses, exclusive 100% bonus days, giveaways for specific casino games, etc. But you will know for sure when you check the calendar yourself.

Loyalty Rewards

A casino would not be complete without complimentary points, right? Every time you sit down to play, you earn VIP points that you can later exchange to cash. That’s the simplified version of their loyalty scheme.

The actual VIP ladder consists of 7 levels:
1) Stone – Real Money accounts holder
2) Copper – First Successful deposit. The first VIP level which converts your comp points at the rate of 100 points to $1.
3) Bronze – requires 500,000 Comp points collected lifetime and $5,000 made in deposits.
4) Silver - requires 1,500,000 Comp points collected lifetime and $15,000 made in deposits.
5) Gold - requires 2,500,000 Comp points collected lifetime and $25,000 made in deposits. The Comp point exchange rate goes up to 95 points to $1.
6) Platinum - requires 5,000,000 Comp points collected lifetime and $50,000 made in deposits. The Comp point exchange rate goes up to 90 points to $1.
7) Diamond - requires 10,000,000 Comp points collected lifetime and $100,000 made in deposits. The Comp point exchange rate goes up to 85 points to $1.

As you go up the VIP levels, there will be exclusive benefits added. Some are available to all, like Indio Casino customer support available 24/7, while other benefits will apply to a certain VIP level (and the ones above it). For example, the higher is your VIP level, the better and bigger bonuses you get, increased betting limits for enhanced chance to win on jackpot slots. Indio Casino highest VIP members will also unlock One-on-One support, a personal account management service that will be there whenever you need something.

No matter the day, month or year, we can guarantee that Indio Casino has numerous extra special offer to please their players. Beginners and high rollers alike. Make sure to check out the promotions tab on their website – you will be amazed.

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