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What Games Can I Play at Indio Casino Mobile?

Are Indio Casino games the best among online casinos? Certainly. There are hundreds of slots, classic casino games and arcades. Browse through them and take your pick. It won’t be hard as there is such a massive, yet well-organized collection available. But you might wonder whether you can play these games on the go?


Fruit Slots

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Or rather, not yet. Because Indio Casino has promised us that the mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms are coming imminently. The last time we checked with Indio Casino team, they were already in the final production phase which means that if everything goes according to the plan, there should be Indio Casino mobile apps before March 2017.

Hero Slots

We didn’t only talk with them. In fact, we got to see the apps tested out and experience the Indio Casino games and features that will players get access to, how it will work, etc. While we can’t reveal too much, there are a couple of features we are very excited about like:

  • Library of favorite games
  • Deposits and withdrawals via confirmed methods
  • Access Live Casino Online games

Indio Casino Games and Features on Mobile:

If you are an avid casino player, you may have a preference of playing games via dedicated software versus playing via your internet browser (on desktop or mobile). Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, most casinos you can play at via the browser, will give you the full, instant access to their games via mobile browser, downloadable software and apps offer you a new variety of options. Sure, it’s a one-time hassle. The apps have to be developed and regularly updated. While the user has to download and install them on the computer or their mobile device.

But often it’s is all worth the effort. This is because a downloadable app will always have an advantage over the most browser versions. It is faster and arguably safer. Also, the software version that you install on your device will usually have its own special features which may not be available on the browser. That’s what we expect to see from Indio Casino in January or February, 2017 when their mobile apps are due to be launched.

Additional Features

There are some additional features that have an equal chance of being added or left out. Keep in mind that if you would like to see some specific feature in their app, let them know. Your voice will be heard and result in making the software even better.

We already know that the mobile apps will mostly work in the same way that the desktop version works. At first, all you download is the casino skin. And then, you download the games you like one by one. While that is not the most important feature for desktop computers, it’s essential for mobile devices due to the limited space on mobile devices.

Maybe you have a feature you would like to suggest? Maybe you would like to be able to register an account straight from the app?

We think that it would be amazing if they let their player play games offline. Of course, not for real money. But we are sure a lot of us would find this feature quite useful. Especially because of the way the apps work. Instead of downloading the whole library of games, you only download your favorites. Wouldn’t it be fun to spend a half an hour playing your favorite slot game while you’re on the plane or somewhere else where the access to the internet is limited.

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