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Indio Casino Bonus: Coupon Code

Money, money, money. Lots of it for free. Sounds unreal? We don’t blame you. In this day and age, there are hundreds of promises of free money and gifts we see every day. And they rarely deliver, right?

So, if you are taking our Indio Casino €5,000 Coupon Code claim with a grain of salt, we totally understand. But weather you believe it or not, there is an exclusive opportunity to get $5,000 at Indio Casino. And anyone who is reading this article can get it. Actually, even more!

Do you want to know how?

You don’t need an Indio Casino coupon code to get a bonus. Every new player gets free spins and bonuses to start. For example, if you register at Indio Casino right now, you can claim your first $500 deposit bonus. All deposits of $25 or more are eligible.

But to get the most free money at the best terms, use our Indio Casino coupon code and get over $5,000 via bonuses and free gifts. The way it works is you make a deposit and as a result earn free money. After your first 50% up to $500 deposit bonus, you get numerous additional bonuses, each bigger and better than the last one. So, if you keep playing, Indio Casino will keep bringing you industry-best bonuses.

But, keep in mind, each bonus has a wagering requirement. You can claim the next bonus only after you complete the wagering amount of the prior bonus.

Here’s how to get $5,000 via Indio Casino Coupon Code

After your first deposit, you will get two more fixed bonuses:

- 2nd Deposit bonus – 60% up to $1,000

- Minimum deposit - $30.

- 3rd Deposit bonus – 75% up to $1,500.

- Minimum deposit - $50

Here is the fun part. If you want to continue to play at this casino, enter our Indio Casino coupon code and get a massive mystery bonus up to $2,000. Note that in order to get this special bonus, you must make 3 prior deposits and fulfill all wagering requirements.

The minimum deposit to get this mystery bonus is $100. Note, that unlike pother bonuses, $100 you deposit can earn you any amount up to $2,000. There is no limit (such as 100% bonus, 75% bonus, etc.)

If you are determined to reach the maximum, get $5,000 in free bonuses and have over $10,000 to play with, you can sign up to Indio Casino right now and you will be automatically entitled to our exclusive mystery bonus. And you won’t even need an Indio Casino coupon code to get this bonus.

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